What Parents Need to Know About Self-Injury

I didn’t know anyone that self-harmed when I was a teenager. I didn’t even know that it was a thing. This may sound crazy to teens who hear about it at least on a weekly basis at school now, but I wasn’t just naive! The rates of self-injury in adolescents […]

7 Tips for Talking to Your Anxious Teen

It can be hard to know how to talk to your anxious teen when they are emotional. You feel like you aren’t being effective and they feel it too. I hear it in my office all the time from the teens I work with. “My parents don’t get it!” “They […]

My Teen Has Anxiety, But What Is It?

So it has come to your attention that your teen has anxiety. Maybe they figured it out on their own through talking to a counselor, googling it, or talking to a friend. Maybe you recognized the signs yourself. Or perhaps you aren’t sure at this time if they are anxious, […]

25 Signs of Teenage Anxiety

What if someone makes fun of me? What if I fail the big test? Who will I sit with at lunch? What if I get rejected? What if I make a fool of myself in front of the whole school? You likely can remember having some of these same worries […]

If The Grinch Landed on my Couch

The Grinch It is really a rare occassion that I make it to the movies. I know, this is one of the ways that I may not be as relatable, but it is true. There was no school yesterday, though, and it was a rainy day so I found myself […]

Insights with EMDR Therapy

“Wow!… Holy $h!t!… Where did that come from?” These words came from one of my client’s this evening, spoken very slowly as he looked off in the distance. No, I hadn’t said anything rude or offensive! This followed an insight he had while we were reprocessing a memory with EMDR […]

Additional Pieces for the Depression Puzzle

It is estimated that in 2016 16.2 million adults in the U.S. had at least one depressive episode. This is 6.7% of the population. With the amount of antidepressants that are prescribed each year, it is hard to deny that depression is a major problem for us. In the past […]

The Gut-Mood Connection

We have so many sayings that show on some level we understand that the mind/emotions and body are deeply connected.     “I feel it in my gut.”             “I have butterflies in my stomach.”             “It was gut wrenching.” […]

Inflammation and Depression

Many people struggle with depression and don’t understand what is happening to them and what they can do to help themselves. They feel stuck under a grey cloud and fog that has made it difficult to see clearly. We expect our medical community to provide us with answers, and quickly. […]

Is My Depression All In My Head?

Why Am I Depressed? Clients come into my office all the time wondering why they feel depressed and anxious. They are stuck in the middle of the situation, too close to be able to see clearly what is going on with them. Depression itself can make it difficult to focus […]