Support Services for Those Affected by Orlando Shootings

All of us here at Brevard Family Wellness Center are deeply saddened to learn not only about this morning’s shooting at Pulse Night Club in Orlando but also about the shooting of singer Christina Grimmie on Friday night as well. We know that there will be a large amount of people […]

Combating Negative Thoughts

We all have it happen from time to time. Those negative thoughts creep in and start to effect our mood. The problem is that they can easily take over and when it does,  it doesn’t just stop with a short lived mood but can be more pervasive and lead to […]


  “Do you take my insurance?” This is often the first question we get asked when someone calls or emails for more information on our services. Let me start off by saying that yes, we do take some insurances and we are willing to work with insurance companies that we are not […]

Change is possible

Change is Possible

Are you constantly making new goals and resolutions and not sticking with them? Do you have a tendency to try for a week or two and then forget or give up? You are not alone. Many people face challenges making changes in their lives. We all face a level of […]

An Attitude of Gratitude

It is November once again. If you are like most people it makes you think of Autumn, leaves changing colors (even though we don’t get to experience that here), Thanksgiving and turkey, and maybe even what you are grateful for.  This may especially be the case if you are one of […]

How Do I Compare?

  Ever feel like you just don’t measure up? Like no matter where you look there is someone that is better than you, in some way? If you do then I’m sure that you feel pretty small and insignificant much of the time. If you do, you are not alone! Although […]

Is Counseling a Waste of Time?

“Counseling is a waste of time!” “It doesn’t work!” “Counselors just sit there and listen and take your money.” “They can’t help me!” “They don’t know anything about me!” “I’m not telling someone I don’t know all my personal thoughts and feelings!”     Sound familiar? Maybe had some of […]