Weight Loss Hypnosis

Having trouble losing weight and keeping it off? Are you finding that even after you promise yourself that you will stick to your diet or exercise more, that you seem to wake up from a daze with a donut in your hand? You have good intentions but are having a difficult time sticking with them and are unsure why.

We are always influenced by our subconscious mind and have received a lot of programming about food, weight, self-esteem, and exercise from the time we were young children to the present. You may be self-sabotaging by engaging in emotional eating or trying to protect yourself in some way with the extra weight. Weight loss hypnosis allows you to counteract this programming and create new, healthy beliefs to help support you on your weight loss journey and healthy lifestyle.

If you have been working on your diet and increasing exercise and are still not seeing the results you want and expect, it may be worth a call to see if you may be a good candidate for weight loss hypnosis.